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Transfer - Bedding

Easy Slide sheets in 145cm x 200cm. Use two sheets together, one on top of the other, sliding surface inward. Carers slide the top sheet in any direction. Or fold one sheet over to slide someone across a bed. With the carer’s hands on the patient’s hips and shoulders gently push them away from the f..
Continuous handles around 3 sides of the slide-sheet 90 x 200cm or 140 x 200cm makes it easy to grip. Use in pairs with the sliding surface face inward or use in conjunction with a normal Easy Slide flat slide-sheet 140 x 200cm.Wash at a maximum of 60°CDo not use fabric softener or chlorine..
There are hundreds of uses for Easy Slide Gloves reducing handling associated with normal slidesheets. One carer can move someone across a bed in three easy movements – 1) Slide ankles across, 2) Slide buttocks across, 3) With patient’s head on a pillow, slide shoulders across. Two carers can easily..
The Lateral Assist is specially designed for the transfer of a person from one bed to another, onto a mobile trolley, shower trolley, operating table or X-ray table.Ensure the two surfaces are close enough so that during the movement the lateral assist will always be fully supported on bot..
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