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Conni Bed pad Mate - Teal Code: 4-C-BP-M The Conni Bed pad Mate is versatile and suitable for all bed sizes. It measures 85cms x 95cm with bound edges for longer life. The Bed Pad is comprised of a soft polyester top layer a highly absorbent core and a breathable PUL waterproof backing. The Conni Be..
Conni Chairpad Code: C-CP-S-T The Conni Chair Pad absorbs fluid, protecting your furniture, wheelchair and car. It is suitable for adult incontinence and child toilet training. The chair pad is washable and reusable. Simply wash in the washing machine and tumble dry on a low heat or line dry...
Ladies Chantilly underwear Code: 4-C5601 The Ladies Chantilly underwear are waterproof, absorbent, and reusable women's undergarments that have been designed to absorb and protect.The underwear are slim, fashionable and discreet and are suitable for light incontinence and excessive perspiration, pro..
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