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Folding Ramps

The Edge Barrier Ramp (EBL) fibreglass ramp has 4 panels and the added safety of edge barriers. It comes in a variety of lengths.  The weight of the ramp depends on the length...
$646.00 - $3,528.00
The Multipurpose Ramp is longer and wider than the personal (above), the Ramp has the same features as the Personal. Optional carry bag available: $82.00..
The Senior Ramp is a 4 panel lightweight portable ramp that is available in a range of sizes...
$613.00 - $1,288.00
The Peak Care ramp is made from high quality aluminium and has a steel powder coated finish. This ramp has been designed for stability and is easy to store/ transport...
$250.00 - $455.00
Single-fold Silver Star Ramps offer a reliable solution for transitioning curbs, thresholds and other obstacles. They are available in several different lengths and can accommodate a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Plus, lightweight Pride Single-fold Ramps are easily portable, making them..
$315.00 - $670.00
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